About Dark Machines

Dark Machines is a research collective of physicists and data scientists. We are curious about the universe and want to answer cutting edge questions about Dark Matter with the most advanced techniques that data science provides us with.

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Projects, datasets and challenges

We are currently investigating the following projects.
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Collider searches and unsupervised: or supervised or not-yet-thought-off learning

Andrea De Simone (andrea.desimone@sissa.it)
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Exploring high dimensional parameter spaces

Martin White (martin.white@adelaide.edu.au)
Joaquin Vanschoren (joaquin.vanschoren@gmail.com)
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Generative models as event simulator

Gilles Louppe (g.louppe@uliege.be)
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Inclusive analysis of Fermi-LAT point sources

Luc Hendriks (luc.hendriks@gmail.com)
Gabrijela Zaharijas (gabrijela.zaharijas@ung.si)
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Learning dark matter distributions in galaxies

Library of classification and regression models

Bob Stienen (b.stienen@science.ru.nl)
Sanmay Ganguly (sanmay.ganguly@weizmann.ac.il)
Joining / communicating
Join the lh2019-ML-Classification-Regresion mailing at CERN e-groups

Particle track reconstruction with ML

Michela Negro (michela.negro@to.infn.it)
Fabian Gieseke (fabian.gieseke@di.ku.dk)
Sydney Otten (Sydney.Otten@ru.nl)
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Strong lensing and unsupervised learning

Laurence Perreault Levasseur (lplevass@stanford.edu)


We believe science thrives when data is public.
We have therefore made the following datasets public.

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Our collective currently consists out of the following people.


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